Sassi and Trulli

Cod. C1

A week of biking around the two wonderful UNESCO cities of Alberobello and Matera. Leaving from Matera’s “Sassi” and the rock caves and stone houses, you will reach the Itria valley, a karstic land also called the Valley of the Trulloes due-to the thousands of “Trulli”, limestone dwellings that are remarkable examples of drywall constructions offering a prehistoric building technique whic is still in use in Apulia. All around you there is an explosion of colour, olive trees and ancient farmhouses. Back to the mysterious land of Basilicata, a slow ride from the rolling hills of the Bradano Valley, to the natural oasis of San Giuliano Lake and back to Matera. The South of Italy’s natural beauty, ancient culture, deeply-rooted local traditions, genuine Mediterranean food and above all the warmth and hospitality of its people, will capture you and leave you with an unforgettable feeling.

Reservations and information

8 days/7 nights
300 km
Rate per person: € 650,00 (4 to 8 participants)
Transfer included, entrance fees excluded.