We will guide you through ancient cities, sumptuous castles, natural landscapes and ancient buildings discovering historic sites and very important cultural heritages. You will know stories and characters that made the history of the places you will visit. A full immersion in past life and in the daily life of cities and villages that you will never have seen before.


Duration: 2 hours max

Visiting the places in Matera where they filmed the movie No Time To Die

Matera – Escorted tour of the Sassi

Duration: 3 hours max

An amazing tour to discover the ancient Sassi districts, well known all over the world.

The Sassi of Matera – Full Day

Duration: 5 hours max

A whole day in the Sassi of Matera visiting the most important places in the ancient town.

Matera’s hills

Duration: 5 hours max

Visiting Montescaglioso and Miglionico with a stop at the famous Crypt of the Original Sin.

The Calanchi trail and the Crypt of the Original Sin

Duration: 5 hours max

A tour in the enchanting lunar landscape of the innermost Basilicata and the famous Crypt of the Original Sin.

trulli of alberobello, unesco world heritage

Duration: 5 hours max

A pleasant walk in Alberobello, a World Heritage Site. The capital of the famous “trulli”.

castel del monte, unesco world heritage

Duration: 5 hours max

Visiting Castel del Monte, the most famous and mysterious of the monuments built by the Swabian emperor Frederick II.

experience on autogyro

Duration: 1 hour

Tour in autogyro, an ultralight aircraft to hover over Matera and the territory of the Murgia.

Artisanal tour in Matera

Duration: 3 hours max

Visit to some local craftsmen’ workshops inside cave houses to discover local art techniques.

Noble residences and contemporary art in Matera

Duration: 3 hours max

Visiting three noble residences of Matera to discover contemporary architectural stories and treasures.

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