We will never get tired of being surprised in front of the wonderful historic buildings of Lecce. Each of them bears witness to craftsmanship, an aesthetic sense and an expression of the art of the past, but it is also a sign of the city’s projection towards high-quality hospitality.

We went to scout some of the best and rather magnificent “Palazzi” in Lecce to make your stay the utmost memorable experience in one of loveliest town in Italy.

Sharing history and hospitality

We met the owners and they disclosed us the rooms, the canteen, the secret gardens and the stunning terraces. They shared the history of their family and their tales about the local past, stories that they are usually glad to do with their guests as well as they become part of their enlarged family.

Within a few years these residences, a sign of the opulence of landowner families of the past, have risen again and today host accommodation facilities that the whole world envies us.

Palazzo Tamborino, Lecce

Palazzo Tamborino, Lecce

Some historic buildings in Lecce to choose

Sometimes welcomed by the owners who jealously guard the history of their families, such as with Palazzo Guido or Palazzo Tamborino Cezzi, but also by new entrepreneurs who, overwhelmed by the beauty of the city, invest in design and art (Palazzo Luce), these locations today welcome the most demanding travellers, sometimes in search of the charm of history, sometimes intrigued by this mix of history and contemporaneity (Palazzo Bozzi Corso, Palazzo Sant’Anna, La Fiermontina)

For those who love exclusive and original experiences, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

A room of Palazzo Sant'Anna, Lecce

A room of Palazzo Sant’Anna, Lecce

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