Altamura, the Lioness of Apulia

Cod. F03

An ideal tour for those who are in Matera and want to visit Altamura, the "lioness of Puglia".

What to see in Altamura

Located just 15 km from the city of Sassi, Altamura is unveiled in all its splendor, made of history and art. It starts with the visit to the Romanesque Duomo, which presents the most beautiful portal of all of Apulia, with lion stylists who embellish it, faithful guardians of the wonderful bas-reliefs of the 13th and 14th centuries depicting scenes of Jesus' life.

The walk in the delightful historic center is enhanced by visiting a bakery with tasting of the traditional Altamura Bread. Next, a gloomy pause at a pastry shop that produces the traditional nun's tits according to the recipe of the nuns of Santa Chiara.

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