Italian Language Courses

Our mission is to promote and spread the Italian language and culture by offering language courses in Italy: intensive Italian language courses as a foreign language combined with travel itineraries in some of the most secret and beautiful places in Italy.

Our Italian language courses are based on the Common European Framework and our teachers are all native speakers have a wealth of experience to facilitate rapid progress in learning Italian as a foreign language. The teaching approach is communicative-functional, through which students can practice the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

7 days, 30 hours of lectures, 2 workshops, 1 guided tour and 1 daily trip.
Discover the wonders of Italy with our specialist language teachers, culture experts and tour guides.
The most secret places of Italy. Far from the clichés and crowded places, we will lead you to discover an Italy still hidden and as you do so improve your language skills and learn more about Italian culture.

The Italian language, art, literature, cuisine, nature, music, cinema, dance, cooking. Each course provides, in addition to the teaching of grammar, a few hours of very special Italian culture: experts in the field will enable you to discover unpublished issues of Italian culture. After each course you will receive a final certificate.
Participants are accommodated in exclusive accommodation depending on the chosen course. In the city of Matera you’ll stay in the “Sassi” a maze of houses, tunnels, churches, caves and buildings leaning against each other.

Course Calendar
Classes are held in Matera, the city of the “Sassi” in southern Italy.
Our courses are intensive Italian language course with 30 hours of lectures, two seminars by experts on cinema, literature,local traditional dance and many other topics. Download your factsheet here to view the educational programs, read NEWS to see the updates about seminars and issues. Courses start on Saturdays, but custom dates are available.


Accommodation & Travel/MATERA, sleep like a rock
We will provide you with a unique experience also through the accommodation: sleeping in the old town of Matera, the Sassi. The Sassi are a natural spectacle, a maze of houses, tunnels, churches, caves and buildings leaning against each other. Your accommodation will be right here. This part of the city of Matera has been abandoned for years, now the Sassi have had a great appreciation through restoration and renovation. In 1993 they were recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site, thus becoming part of the World Heritage List and becoming the first listed site in southern Italy. Thanks to their special beauty the Sassi has become the backdrop of many successful films, a real film-location liked by many directors, Italians and foreigners.

To get to Matera, the more convenient and closest airport is Bari – Palese “Karol Wojtyla”. In just 40 minutes you will be in the city of the Sassi. You can book a transfer from the airport to Matera city directly with FERULA VIAGGI or use the bus connections.

How to buy your language course in Matera: download the registration form, complete it and send it via e-mail to Once we receive your request we will inform you via email about the availability of a place, only after this confirmation you can proceed to the payment of the course directly online.
We accept payments by credit card through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account. We suggest using PayPal because it is the cheapest and fastest way to send the deposit for your course. However, PayPal applies a commission of about € 6 on each payment. This fee will be charged in the cost of your course.