Beautiful experience in nearby Puglia, the one experienced by our Dora: from 26 to 30 January, she accompanied – as tour leader – journalists, tour operators and bloggers from UK in an educational tour in the Terra delle Gravine, a beautiful area between the cities of Ginosa, Laterza, Massafra, Mottola and Taranto who gave journalists and bloggers invited an unprecedented and poetic image of Puglia.

La Terra delle Gravine, a few kilometers from Matera

The educational tour, called “Terra delle Gravine, a new destination between Taranto and Matera” is part of a project of the Municipality of Ginosa (Puglia) and financed under the Puglia Regional Operational Program FESR-FSE 2014 – 2020 “Cultural Attractors , natural and tourism”.

The aim of the project and also the educational tour is to promote the Terra delle Gravine through active tourism, nature and gastronomy, nautical tourism, the three tourist products that emerged in the construction of the tourist plan of the Municipality of Ginosa, realized together with local tour operators, according to “Puglia365” and sponsored by Pugliapromotion.

The educational tour took place within the Regional Natural Park “Terra delle Gravine”, a territory that became a natural park in 2005 in order to protect its landscape and fauna. The provinces involved are Taranto and Brindisi, expecially the area of ​​the Murge between these two provinces of Puglia.

A land to discover

Hospitality, breathtaking views, ancient rock churches, food and wine experiences, quality craftsmanship: English guests have discovered and appreciated the treasures of this less-known corner of Puglia.

The experience ended flying over the cities visited during a balloon tour.

“It was amazing!” it was the unanimous comment of our guests.

An experience to be repeated: can’t wait!

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