Among roads that embrace green hills and streets of historical centers unique in the world, visiting Puglia and Basilicata by bicycle is one of the most authentic, clean and direct ways of discovering these two regions. Urban and countryside landscapes alternate in a colorful succession of colors and shapes, to be enjoyed riding modern and safe bicycles.

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Lago di San Giuliano e Cripta del Peccato Originale

San Giuliano Lake and The Crypt of The Original Sin (guided)

Cod. B01

Duration: 3 hours
Level: moderate
Distance: 40 or 60 km

A bike ride along the wonderful road around the lake of San Giuliano with a visit to the Crypt of the Original Sin.

Valle del Bradano Tour in Bici

The Bradano Valley (self-guided)

Cod. B02

Duration: 5 hours
Level: easy
Distance: 25 or 40 km

From Matera to Montescaglioso along a path among fruit and olive trees.

Altamura Pane e Focaccia Tour in Bici

Altamura Bread and Focaccia (self-guided)

Cod. B03

Duration: 3 hours
Level: easy
Distance: 56 km

Cycling from Matera to Altamura, a town famous for its beautiful cathedral and its bread..

Rock Churches Park (self-guided)

Cod. B04

Duration: 3 hours
Level: easy to moderate
Distance: 20 or 32 km

Discover the rupestrian churches of the Murgia Park cycling.

Tour in Bici a La Martella

Matera and the suburbs of the 50s (guidato)

Cod. B05

Duration: 3 hours
Level: easy
Distace: 25 km

A guided bike tour to discover some Matera districts of the 50s, La Martella and Spine Bianche.

Pedalata dal Monastero al mare

Ride from the Monastery to the coast (self-guided)

Cod. B06

Duration: 5 hours
Level: moderate
Distance: 40 or 60 km

By bike to the Ionian coast to reach the archaeological sites of Metaponto or for a pleasant break on the beach.

Tour in bici fino al Lago e laboratorio degli aquiloni

Bike ride to the lake with kite workshop (guided)

Cod. B07

Duration: 6 hours
Level: easy
Distance: 20 km

A day at the WWF Oasis of San Giuliano, a few km natural area from Matera, with a picnic and the creation of a kite.

La Via Appia - Miglionico

The Appian Way Route (self-guided)

Cod. B08

Duration: 3 hours
Level: moderate
Distance: 90 km

By bike to Miglionico, on the Via Appia, one of the most important Roman roads. Visit to the magnificent Malconsiglio Castle and to the “Mother Church”.

Bici e Cantine fra i Trulli

Wine & Bike amongst trulloes (guided)

Cod. B09

Duration: 6 hours
Level: easy
Distance: 30 km

The tour includes a visit to a cellar in Gioia del Colle, land of the Primitivo, and towards Locorotondo, in the heart of the Trulli valley.

Bici e Cantine sotto il Vulcano nel Vulture

Wine & Bike under the volcano (guided)

Cod. B10

Duration: 6 hours
Level: moderate
Distance: 35 km

In the Vulture area, between vineyards and the extinct volcano in the distance, we will taste the first labels of Aglianico.

Campagna Materana

Wine & Bike in the Matera countryside (guided)

Cod. B11

Duration: 4 hours
Level: easy
Distance: 35 km

Among rolling hills covered with wheat and oats, farmhouses and farms we will reach an ancient estate to taste the delicious Primitivo.

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