On September 12th, 2017, thanks to APT Basilicata and its educational tours, we hosted Chris Zegers and the troupe of Channel 3 Travels who are recording an episode of the popular Dutch BNN television program 3 op Reis around Calabria, Basilicata e Puglia.

Dora and some members of the troupe of 3 op Reis

Our teammate Dora Cappiello (to the left) with Chris Zegers (to the right) and some members of the troupe of 3 op Reis.

3 op Reis discovers Southern Italy

After the first days in Calabria, the crew of 3 op Reis arrived in Basilicata. Starting from Maratea, they visited the inside of the region, having an authentic Southern Italian experience in Montescaglioso: after having filmed the abbey, they found different caffè and restaurants already closed but…they were invited for lunch by a local family, that cooked for them a quick pasta with fresh tomatoes sauce.

When the troupe arrived in Matera, they have been astonished by the beauty of the town. They filmed in the town of Sassi, the old districts whose houses are mostly carved out in the rock. Together with us they discovered the must of the town and surroundings: ancient churches, cave theaters, deep ravines, cave dwellings…

Despite having traveled all over the world for his travel show 3 op Reis, even the Holland tv star Chris Zegers was really fascinated by the beauties that he saw.

On the Dutch TV soon

The crew will move to Puglia to end the recording of the episode of 3 op Reis dedicated to Southern Italy: it will be broadcasted by Dutch TV BNN in December, when the dutch viewers will see on their screens Matera and Basilicata.

More info

3 op Reis Official Website: https://3opreis.bnnvara.nl/

Update 14.11.2017

Finally the episode on Basilicata is online. Here you can find the page dedicated to the episode on Basilicata and below the video of the episode, both in Dutch.