Do you know Vulture? It’s a wonderful region of Basilicata, so called because of Monte Vulture, a small and inactive volcano in southern Italy that last erupted about half a million years ago. It is one of the places that are part of “Italia Senza Tempo” (“Timeless Italy”), a series of videos made in places considered jewels of the world heritage and protected accordingly.

As reported by the official website of the initiative:

“They are places where time seems to come to a standstill and where the hand of man is nonexistent. Places where the rhythms of nature are marked by the rising and setting sun and by the traveling stars.”

The video dedicated to Vulture is called “Vulture Senza Tempo” (“Timeless Vulture”) with which film makers discovered and filmed two beautiful volcanic crater lakes, the San Fele natural waterfalls and the wonderful sky above Basilicata.

Here’s the video:

Did you like it? You must know Vulture is also one of the places included in our tour “Castles & Wines – Apulia and Basilicata cycling tour”: take note 🙂

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